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Air knives stainless steel

Silvent’s stainless steel air knife system is highly flexible. The length of the manifold tube and the number of nozzles can be specifically tailored to nearly any application. Three standard sizes are available from stock. All Silvent air knives may be ordered with or without built-in flow regulation. With flow regulation in every nozzle, the blowing force can be fine-tuned to the exact amount of force required. This means that both the noise level and air consumption can be reduced to an absolute minimum. Our air knives are made entirely of stainless steel and are thereby suitable for even the most demanding applications, such as those involving use in aggressive chemical environments and high ambient temperatures or the stringent requirements of the food processing industry. Patented.

Stainless Steel Air Knives


Replaces open pipe:ø10mm(3/8'')
Air consumption:116Nm³/h(68.3scfm)
Sound level:89dB(A)
Blowing force:19N(67.1oz)
Max temp.:400ºC(752ºF)
Connection:3/4'' BSP(3/4''-14 NPT)female
Nozzle material:Stainless steel

Fully meets the EU Machine Directive’s noise limitation requirements and OSHA’s safety regulations.

Also available with variable flow (372F)