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Silvent - Series 500 - Air guns with finger trigger

A handy and economical alternative without sacrificing safety. There are 8 different types of nozzles to choose from in this series including the NEW SILVENT SOFT SERIES ™.


Safety air gun 500 with Flat nozzle

Quick and efficient with a broad air cone.

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Safety air gun 500 with Flexblow hose

Safety gun with an adjustable hose. Perfect for applications that are hard to reach.


Safety air gun 500 with Hole nozzle

Universal and strong.

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Safety air gun 500 with Laval nozzle

Concentrated air stream.

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Safety air gun 500 with PEEK nozzle

Safety air gun with a protective PEEK nozzle that avoids unnecessary scratching.

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Safety air gun 500 with Slot nozzle

A quiet and economical alternative.


Silvent - Soft Series™ 500-R

Part of a completely new generation of safety air guns designed for blowing applications aimed at avoiding scratches

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