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Custom designed air operated positive displacement air amplifiers that boost air pressure supply at point of use. Provides a constant, reliable supply of air pressure that enables pneumatic equipment to operate at pressures specified by equipment manufacturers. ENERGY SAVING


2:1 Ratio

For applications demanding a high flow rate as well as increased air pressure, Airbooster offers a variety of 2:1 ratio single stage – double acting air amplifiers to meet your flow demands.

These 2:1 units include the IMP4, IMP5, IMP64 and IMP94. These air amplifiers are a safe and efficient solution to insufficient air pressures at work stations. AirBoosters can deliver twice the amount of supply pressure, up to 300 psi, with flow rates up to 125 SCFM.

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Multiple Ratio

AirBooster offers three air amplifier models in a single stage – single acting configuration. Single acting models include the IMP1-1, IMP2-1 and IMP3-1. Models IMP1 and IMP2 are single stage, double acting.

These units provide high pressure air amplification, up to 4,350 psi. Airbooster air amplifiers are compact and lightweight for easy installation and operation.

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