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2:1 Ratio


For applications demanding a high flow rate as well as increased air pressure, Airbooster offers this industrial duty 2:1 ratio single stage - double acting air amplifier to meet your flow demands. This 2:1 unit is the IMP94. This air amplifier is a safe and efficient solution to insufficient air pressures at work stations.

  • Different system configurations are listed below
  • Systems are available with 1 to 4 pump configurations (Duplex units double your volume)

This Performance Graph is for single IMP94 pump at 100% duty cycle - For Duplex units, multiply the results by two (2) times - Triplex by 3 and Quad by 4



IMP94 Pump


Pump TypeIMP94 (2)
Inlet Connection:1/2''FNPT (2)
Discharge Connection:3/4''FNPT
Overall size:54''L x 22''W x 37''H
Weight:320 Lbs
System rating:200 PSI
Tank size:60 Gallon Horizontal


The air booster package includes a duplex booster compressor module, mounted on a 60 gallon horizontal receiver.

  • Two only Model IMP94, 2/1 fixed ratio, double acting booster compressor, oil free linked free piston type with O ring type shuttle valves, external pilots ensure restarts within ½ % of target pressures.
  • Main receiver, 60 gallon, 200 psig WP, horizontal type, code stamped, CRN, with pressure relief valve and manual condensate drain.
  • Inlet particulate filter.
  • Discharge flow control, 300 psig primary, 20 to 200 psig secondary, total transient offset < 10 psid.
  • Gauges include: air inlet, main receiver and regulator discharge pressure.
  • The package is completely assembled, piped and factory tested.