Air Filters

Impact RM is pleased to offer the AirMaze line of filters. Quality filters since 1925. Air Intake Filters, Compressed Air Filters, HVAC Filters, High Purity Filters, Breathers, Air/Oil Separators, Locomotive Air Compressor Filters, Dry paper, Exhaust Smoke Eliminators, Dry Synthetic, Oil Bath, Oil wetted, Panel, Aircraft Filters, Unimaze and Multimaze filters...


Small filters and filter silencers for direct engine intakes up to 450 CFM. Rugged heavy duty wire mesh or paper media filters from 400 - 6000 cfm


Self Cleaning automatic air filter. Provides the best in impingement type air cleaning with a minimum of servicing. Capacities from 4,260 - 52,520 CFM

Products of this type

The most complete line of Breather Filters. Weather hooded, low profile and high capacity.
Connection sizes from 1/8" to 2" MPT.
Flow rates from 1 cfm to 80 cfm.

Doghouse Filter

DH assemblies are designed for maximum efficiency and large volumes of air. Air capacities up to 60,000 cfm.


Oil Bath Filters

Combination of oil scrubbing action and baffle impingement principles.

Panel Filters

Permanent, Cleanable, High Velocity, Special types, sizes and materials made to specifications. Standard sizes also available.

Products of this type