We are Compressed Air Specialists

Compressed Air Management Impact RM Inc. was formed in 1992. Our main focus has been compressed air management consultation and energy management in the industrial market. Impact RM have participated in a number of projects over the years which include:

  • Hydro Quebec's technical committee on compressed air.
  • Accredited Industrial consultant for BC Hydro Power Smart.
  • Responsible for the vetting process in SaskPower energy efficiency program for small and medium sized businesses - Determine qualifications of trade allies for air audits across the province of Saskatchewan
  • Technical committee member on the CSA ( Canadian Standards Association) helping set standards for testing of compressed air systems in Canada

We offer a wide range of products and services that allow our client base opportunities to save energy in compressed air systems. Our compressed air auditing services are offered with a unique modular design which allows our clients the flexibility to meet specific budgets and/or concentrate on specific problem areas.

When you think about compressed air systems, the first thing that comes to mind is compressors. So normally when you have a problem with compressed air systems you look to your friendly compressor supply house to help you out. Here is the awful truth, although the compressor house is well versed in compressors and they know a little about the other ancillary equipment downstream of the compressor, their main goal is to sell compressors, period! They do not have the true overall picture of your compressed air system in view.

We at Impact RM are specialists in Compressed Air Management, we look at the whole picture, we want to help you to manage your system more effectively. We accomplish this by offering you energy efficient products that fit into your existing system, that compliment and enhance the performance of your compressed air system. We offer technology to educate your people in the area of complete system outlook. We at Impact RM have your complete compressed air system at heart, in fact we deal with every component of your system.

So before you purchase a new compressor, before you install a new dryer, before you think about filtration, after coolers, drains, separators, storage... talk to the specialists at Impact RM, we have the products, services and technology to fine tune your existing compressed air system so that you can economize. Save in areas such as energy savings, improvements in efficiency and overall better system management. Impact RM, the professionals saving you money, and training your people to better manage your compressed air system.