Go Green

Impact RM has been in the business of reducing greenhouse gas emissions since 1992.

When it comes to curbing global warming, it seems that the actions of one company may not make too much of a difference, but you’d be surprised to find how one company’s pitching in can help.

Our energy saving products and services have been saving customers money off their electric bills which translates directly into greenhouse gas emission reductions. When you save on electricity you reduce carbon dioxide gas (CO2 ) and methane gas (CH4) emissions.

Impact RM are specialists in Compressed Air Management, we want to help you to manage your system more effectively. We accomplish this by offering you energy efficient products that fit into your existing system, that complement and enhance the performance of your compressed air system. We offer technology to educate your people in the area of complete system outlook. We can analyze your compressed air system to discovery opportunities to reduce energy consumption and thus reduce CO2 emissions. Impact RM have the expertise to assist you in reducing your greenhouse emissions.

More and more people are wondering how they can do their part to help reduce the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. While change won't happen overnight, here are some steps that you can take against global warming

Around the plant

  • Locate and fix your compressed air leaks
  • Make sure your compressors are operating properly
  • Buy new energy efficient products to replace old technology
  • Use alternative methods in place of compressed air
  • Use point of use boosters instead of running the entire plant at higher pressure
  • Use energy efficient nozzles for blowing applications
  • Implement proper preventive maintenance on compressors and system
  • Shut down compressed air equipment when not in use
  • Select the right compressor for your needs
  • Educate staff on wasting compressed air

If you’re looking for a professional company to analyze your compressed air system and save you money and reduce your carbon footprint, request an Air Audit so we can send you a proposal.