Air knives - modular

Is a modular, energy-efficient air knife that generates an extremely strong and effective blowing force with an exceptionally low sound level. Compressed air is optimally used in this air knife. Its unique design introduced a completely new blowing technology feature. The aerodynamic nozzle design achieves the effect by maximizing entrainment of air. Each orifice is also uniquely designed to optimize the entrainment area. SILVENT 310 Z+ modules can easily be combined to achieve the desired length of the air knife


304 Z+

Replaces open pipe:ø7mm(9/32'')
Air consumption:60Nm³/h(35.3scfm)
Sound level:83dB(A)
Blowing force:12N(2.6lbs)
Max temp.:180ºC(356ºF)
Connection:G 1/2'' (1/2''-14 NPT)female

Fully meets the EU Machine Directive’s noise limitation requirements and OSHA’s safety regulations.


SILVENT 310 Z+ and SILVENT 304 Z+ can easily be assembled together. All that is needed is the accessory SILVENT A 12. It has never been easier to make an air knife that fits your specific application