Safety air gun 007 with Hole nozzle

008 Air Gun

Silvent 008 generates a universal and powerful air cone that makes this safety gun especially effective for sweeping larger surfaces. The nozzle’s wing design creates an ejector effect and thus enhanced blowing force. In spite of the high blowing force, both the noise level and air consumption are low – a combination that was long thought impossible. Patented.


Replaces open pipe: ø4mm (1/8'')
Air consumption - Turbo position:17Nm³/h(10.0scfm)
Air consumption - Variable position:11Nm³/h(6.5scfm)
Sound level - Turbo position:80dB(A)
Blowing force - Turbo position:3.0N(10.6oz)
Sound level - Variable position:75dB(A)
Blowing force - Variable position:1.6N(5.6oz)
Max temp.:70ºC(158ºF)
Connection:1/4'' BSP(1/4''-18 NPT)female
Nozzle material:Zinc

Fully meets the EU Machine Directive’s noise limitation requirements and OSHA’s safety regulations.


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