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Multi-nozzle assemblies

The 400 series is used for applications requiring high blowing force, such as, for instance, removing parts from punch presses or molds. Drying, transport, and cooling are other typical areas of application for this product. The series includes three standard sizes: 404L = 4 nozzles, 407L = 7 nozzles, and 412L = 12 nozzles. Blowing forces of up to 50 N (176.5 oz) are attainable. Patented.


404 L

Replaces open pipe:ø8mm(5/16'')
Air consumption:68 Nm³/h40.0 scfm
Sound level:84 dB(A)
Blowing force:13.6 N3.0 lbs
Max temp.:70ºC(158ºF)
Weight:0.292 kg0.644 lbs
Connection:G 3/8''(3/8''-18 NPT)female
Nozzle material:Zinc

Fully meets the EU Machine Directive’s noise limitation requirements and OSHA’s safety regulations.

SILVENT 404 L: for a broader air cone and high blowing force. Perfect for ejection of parts from punch presses and molds. Drying, cleaning, transport and cooling are other areas of application for this product.