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Models 91, 218, 228

Bronze trim, with pressure-tight cap. Suitable for maximum back pressure of 60 psig.


  • Bolted bonnet permits easy inspection and servicing without removal from system.
  • Quality cast iron body and bonnet, insert and disc are available in either bronze or SS and lapped for optimum performance.
  • Springs are steel with plating for corrosion protection.
  • High lift, wing-guided disc offers high relieving capacity.
  • Pivot between disc and spring corrects misalignment and compensates for spring side thrust.

Model 218

Pressure Limit:60 to 200 psig
Temperature Limit:-20° to 406°F


  • Overpressure relief and protection of pumps, tanks, lines and hydraulic systems.
  • Pressure regulation.

Bronze trim, UL and FM approved for fire pump installations. Special design offers minimum set pressure of 60 psig. Easily adjustable with handwheel to 200 psig (175 psig with optional 125# inlet flange).