HFR - High Flow Regulators


CF Series - Our unique pilot operated regulators - With full flow and fast response time. 1" - 3" connections and flows up to 3000 scfm.



Max temp.:79.4ºC(175ºF)
Valve Body.:Aluminum
Dome material.:Zinc
Fluid media.:Compressed Air
Inlet pressure.:300 psig(21 bar)
Outlet pressure.:0-200 psig(0-14 bar)
Pilot port.:1/4'' NPTF
Pressure Gauge.:0-200 psig(0-14 bar)1/4'' NPT
Valve cap.:Nylon

Impact RM High Flow Regulators are for critical applications requiring a fast accurate control response over a wide range of flows and pressures. High sensitivity is achieved through a unique spring amplification that accelerates the valve movement. An advanced design pilot controller provides a bias pneumatic signal, negating the need for high internal spring force pressures. This unique arrangement allows Impact RM High Flow Regulators to maintain precise, stable outlet pressures without wasteful pressure differentials stemming from internal mechanical forces. The full capacity of the High Flow Regulator is utilized to control flow instead of becoming a component of the pressure drop across the valve. .

The performance curve below is based on 91 psi inlet pressure. Numbers shown on chart are outlet performances.


High Performance Regulator


Flow Control
For critical applications requiring a fast, accurate control response over a wide range of flows and pressures.


Point of use Regulators
All points of use should be regulated. Otherwise the air saved by regulating the pressure at one point of use will be shunted to some other unregulated point of use and lost as artificial demand. The system balance is upset and potential energy savings are not translated into real dollar savings.

Low Droop
When flow suddenly increases, it can cause larger pressure drops. The variation from the set point is called “droop” . These high quality pilot operated regulators are used to stabilize system pressure and provide the best regulation and lower variation in distribution system operating pressures.