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Angled flat nozzle

Silvent’s 961 is a small, angled flat nozzle that generates a broad but thin air cone. The nozzle’s small mounting dimensions make it especially suitable for machine designs where space limitations are a problem. In many cases mounting is facilitated by the fact that the blowing angle is perpendicular to the plane of the threads. These nozzles can also be mounted in a manifold array, creating compact, quiet and efficient air knives. The nozzle is made of zinc. The outlet orifices are protected against external forces by fins. Patented.

Angled Flat Nozzle


Replaces open pipe:ø4mm(5/32'')
Air consumption:19.5Nm³/h(11.5scfm)
Sound level:81.5dB(A)
Blowing force:3.3N(11.7oz)
Max temp.:-20/+70ºC(-4/+158ºF)
Connection:1/8'' BSP(1/8'' -27 NPT)male
Nozzle material:Zinc
Max operating pressure:1.0 MPa(143.0 psi)

Fully meets the EU Machine Directive’s noise limitation requirements and OSHA’s safety regulations.


Angled Flat Nozzle