K Series

K Series

Angle Back Pressure Valves

■ Type K-5C differs from Type K-5 in that it is fitted with a silicone rubber seat disc rather than a metal seat to provide for those applications where tight shut-off is required.
■ Bronze body and trim, threaded connections, bottom and side female connections, brass spring chamber, stainless steel adjusting spring, high temperature gaskets.


Inlet Sizes:1/4’’, 3/8’’, 1/2’’, 3/4’’, 1’’ and 1¼’’
Pressure control:15 psi to 600 psi
Max Temp.:450°F

Totally enclosed and physically small, these high capacity valves are especially well suited for use on hydraulic systems of all kinds, such as hydraulic pumping units where a predetermined pump discharge pressure must be maintained on a machine tool hydraulic mechanism. Applicable on water, other liquids, and light fuel oils. Not for steam.

CBPV_K_1.pdf832.45 KB K-10


Inlet Sizes:1/4’’, 3/8’’, 1/2’ and 3/4’’
Pressure control:25 psi to 1500 psi
Max Temp.:450°F

The Cash Valve Type K-15 is a piston type back pressure valve that has been designed for pressures up to 1500 psi. It is especially well suited for bypass applications on high pressure pumps or any system requiring automatic regulation of a pump discharge pressure… oil burning equipment, rams, presses and lifts. The K-15 also has many applications in the chemical and process field as well as the car wash industry. It is suitable for water or other liquids and light fuel oil. Not for steam service.

CBPV_K_3.pdf832.45 KB K-15

K-5, K-5C

Inlet Sizes:1’’, 1¼’’, 1½’’ and 2’’
Pressure control:5 psi to 150 psi
Max Temp.:300°F

The Cash Valve Types K-5 and K-5C are high capacity angle bypass regulators or back pressure control valves capable of handling flows of up to 200 gallons per minute in the larger sizes. Suitable for pump systems of all kinds. Applicable on water, other fluids and especially oils of all grades.

CBPV_K.pdf832.45 KB K5