LS Series

LS Series

High pressure reducing and regulating valves

■ Suitable for initial pressures up to 2,400 psi; maximum recommended delivery pressure is 500 psi; minimum 40 psi.
■ Type LS-1 is furnished with a metal seat piston and cylinder particularly designed for high or low temperature and high pressure drop applications.
■ Type LS-2 is furnished with a Teflon seat and balanced piston design for applications requiring higher capacities and/or tight shutoff. The balanced design assures close control regardless of inlet pressure fluctuations.
■ Type LS-3 is furnished with a modified cylinder and no strainer screen for applications involving heavy or high viscosity fluids.
■ Type LS-4 is constructed for cryogenic service to -320°F.


Sizes:3/8'', 1/2'', 3/4''

All Type LS Series valves are single-seated, spring-loaded, direct-acting diaphragm type regulators. Maintains reduced pressure within reasonably close limits regardless of inlet fluctuations. Designed for use on air, water, light oil, oxygen, carbon dioxide and other gases and fluids.

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