Multi Function

Multi Function Cutaway


The RAPTAIR-MF is six systems in one.

The RAPTAIR-MF not only has a welder, an air compressor, generator and battery booster/charger in one system, it also has a PTO port. This enables trucks that had to previously run electric cranes to support hydraulic cranes.

The RAPTAIR-MF allows workers to seamlessly switch between applications, without the hassle of maneuvering equipment. This means more time working, improving productivity, allowing you to provide shorter estimates on bids.

he elimination of additional systems allows for more cargo capacity in your truck, providing space to transport valuable equipment and supplies.

The RAPTAIR-MF can be integrated with your trucks fuel system eliminating the need for an additional fuel tank.

Intelligent Digital Control System

Electrical Output


Raptair MF

Electrical Output:AC: Two 20A 120V duplex receptacles at 2,400W each One 7,000W continuous single phase 60 Hz output, 240V output One 10,000W continuous three phase 60 Hz output, 240V output DC: (for battery boost/charging, other DC loads) 12V,24V,36V,48V selectable, 300 A capable WELDING: CC mode for SMAW and GTAW (stick/TIG welding) CV mode for GMAW and FCAW (MIG/ux core welding) 300A DC-70% duty cycle, 200A DC-100% duty cycle
Air Receiver Tank (not included) :Minimum 5 gallon (150 psi) required for proper operation
Cold Climate :Optional 120V, tested to -40C with optional 12V inverter for vehicle tie-in
Warranty :Two years on all major components (engine warranted by Kubota)
Coolers (Engine & Compressor) :Integrated
Engine :Kubota diesel D902 3-cylinder, naturally aspirated 3600 rpm Tier 4 final compliant
Fuel Supply :Optional 7 gallon with fuel gauge and low fuel shut off sensor, Optional fuel priming pump available
Dimensions:23” (w) x 33 (l) x 29” (h) with fuel tank add 4.6” to length
Weight (wet):Approximately 585lbs (265 kg)
Air Compressor:Belt driven, 100% duty cycle, VMAC oil-injected rotary screw
Rated Air Capacity:True 45 CFM @ 100psi (175psi max)
Power Takeoff Port:SAE 'A' port, 9 tooth spline, clockwise rotation, with 2,800 rpm output, 35ft-lb continuous torque max (hydraulic pump not included)
Intelligent Digital Control System :Remote mounted generator/welder control panel 2-speed throttle control System will shut down engine when air is not needed, and automatically restart the engine again when air is required (adjustable time delay) Optional 15-foot remote current pendant control, separate selector switches engage compressor, generator, welder and PTO (any function or all 3 can be selected at any time)


The RAPTAIR-MF saves, on average, about 600lbs in weight when compared to the weight of six separate systems.

The RAPTAIR-MF’s automatic shutoff controls ensure that its diesel engine is not running when air is not required, further decreasing your fuel costs.