High Pressure Drains

500 PSI +

Programmable Automatic Motorized Ball Valve
Built with microprocessor technology, which controls the actuator that opens and closes the valve on command.


  • 700 PSIG working pressure
  • 10 channel programmable cycle
  • Manual draining test switch
  • Battery back-up for power failure protection


Design Pressure:915 PSIG(63 Bar)
Condensate level:Non-Visible
Dimensions (WxDxH): 2.5'' x 6.2'' x 5.6''63mm x 157mm x 140mm
Inlet Connection:1/2'' NPT
Discharge Connection:3/8''NPT
Weight:1.7 lbs.771 kg
Valve type:Diaphram - Solenoid
For flows up to:282 SCFM

Suitable for unattended draining of compressed air dryers, aftercoolers, receivers and other pressure vessels.


Electronically level-controlled condensate drain for compressed air networks. – functions without unnecessary loss of compressed air and with minimal energy input.


Empty state: Condensate trickles through the inlet opening (1) and collects in the container (2). The diaphragm valve is closed, since the pilot supply line (3) and the solenoid valve (4) ensure pressure compensation above the valve diaphragm . The larger surface area above the diaphragm (5) results in a high closing force, so that the valve seat is tight and leakproof.


Filled state: When the container (2) has filled with condensate and the capacitive level sensor (6) signals at the maximum point, the solenoid valve is energized and the area above the valve diaphragm is vented. The valve diaphragm lifts off the valve seat (7) , and the pressure in the housing forces the condensate into the discharge pipe (8).