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AB Series - Fixed bundle


  • Tubes - Copper
  • Shell - Brass
  • End Hubs - Brass
  • End Bonnets - Cast Iron
  • Baffles - Brass
Water cooled aftercooler


SCFM Capacity / 2-Stage 250° F:440
∆P, PSI @ Rated Capacity:0.3
SCFM Capacity / Rotary 200° F:654
∆P, PSI @ Rated Capacity:0.5
Operating Pressure - Tubes:250 PSI
Operating Pressure - Shell:250 PSI
Operating Temperature:350°F

Based on ambient air at 60°F, 14.7 psia, and 50% relative humidity. Compressed air cooled to within 15°F of inlet water temperature. Water flow rate of 3 GPM per 100 SCFM air flow. For single stage compressor type, 300°F inlet air, use 2-stage SCFM capacities with a 15% reduction.

Water cooled aftercooler