This glossary of terms is a compilation of information assembled over the last two decades from numerous sources. Some of these sources are:

Impact RM, Morel Consultants, Air Flow Energy, Atlas Copco, Fluid Power Associates, The Compressed Air and Gas Handbook, Sullair Corporation, Ingersoll Rand, Cooper Industries, Elliott Turbomachinery Co., Garder Denver, Compair, Pneumatech Inc, Airmaze Corporation, Dominick Hunter, The George English Co., Sun Joule, Donaldson, Kunkle, Goodyear, Masdom.

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Ademir Farina: NM3/HR

A.M. Esmaeel: Air shaft, Silencer

Anonymous (Misc. unnamed contributors): Diffuser

Chad Solomon: Millibar

Chris Onofre: WOG

Craig Scheuern: Sterile Air

Daniel Moore: Fall off

Helmar G Bayer: Air

Henrik Ohman: Adiabatic efficiency

Horst Romani: recooler

Ian.R.Jenkins: Grade D breathable compressed air

John Haigh: PBB

John Russell: Critical speed, Crosshead loading, MPCV

Kim Young Jun: WMW

Matthew Mitsch: Atmosphere

Mike Ninacs: Burst pressure

Mr. M. Dragicevic: Palm coupling

Nilesh Rajpara: RISC

Ria Rossrpmoc: Volumetric

Rick Hedges: Voting alarm

Ron Wise: Linear actuator, Rotary actuator, Sonic Flow