Pistolet de sécurité avec flextube malléable


Silvent Flexgun 520-580 is fitted with a bendable hose that can be adjusted to any position. The hose will not wander, even when blowing at high pressures. Flexgun is outstanding for blowing deep inside machines and motors or wherever it is difficult to reach with conventional air guns. This gun is highly recommended for any blowing applications that is hard to reach or directly dangerous for the operator. Flexgun allows you to perform these operations without risking injury to eyes or hands from flying chips. Patented..

Flexgun available in 6 different length
■ Model 520 - 200mm (8")
■ Model 530 - 300mm (12")
■ Model 540 - 400mm (16")
■ Model 550 - 500mm (20")
■ Model 560 - 600mm (24")
■ Model 580 - 800mm (32")


Remplace un tuyau ouvert:ø4mm(5/32'')
Consommation d'air:16Nm³/h(9.4 scfm)
Niveau sonore:79dB(A)
Force de soufflage:2.9 N(10.2 oz)
Température maxi.:70ºC(158ºF)
Raccord:1/4'' BSP(1/4''-18 NPT)femelle
Matériau buse:Zinc

Répond entièrement aux exigences de limitations sonores de la directive Machines de l’UE et aux normes de sécurité OSHA.


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