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"And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst." - John 6:35

Welcome to my faith page!

Most people think that the way we conduct ourselves in business reflects on our personal lives. I would like to think it works both ways, that our personal lives reflect our characters in the business world. Personally, I think there is no dividing line from personal life and business life!Faith and belief comprise a very important part of our lives. A person's beliefs in many ways define who they are -- how they see themselves, what they want out of life, and more.

On this web site I'll offer a personal account of my own beliefs. I'll describe how my beliefs have changed my life in profound and exciting ways, and how I think they might change the lives of others.

Be sure to read my testimony, find out how Christ changed my life in 1987 and how he can change your life too.

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My Testimony

It started on Green Island in the south pacific...

I met the Lord Jesus on a lonely beach in Australia. Although truly, He met me. Yes, I was all alone -- Actually trying to escape a ruined life in Montreal.

Some people have to hit bottom -- I was one of those, The drug scene, divorced, financial ruin, Just a mess.

As I was walking on the beach thinking about if I would ever return to Montreal again, The Lord spoke to me in my mind (Although I didn't know it was him) He said; "Do you see good in the world?"

Of course my answer to that was yes I see love in families, I see some good things around me. Then another question, "Do you see evil in the world?" Wow I thought, I sure do -- I see hatred, wars, murder -- I pick up the paper and there it is on the front page every day.

Then another question -- "What is the root of the good and what is the root of the evil?" Wow I thought, I don't know!

Then another question -- "Do you know where to find the answer to that question?" I thought about that for a second and then said out loud "Hey what's going on here" I can remember looking up into the sky and saying "Look I don't know if you exist or not God but this is really weird" I thought about the last question -- someone once told me that the answer to that question is in the Bible.

So at that time I made a deal with God (If one can really do that) I told him that I would return to Montreal and I would read the Bible, and if I did that would he;

  1. Reveal himself to me and
  2. Would he tell me why I'm here on planet earth

Three weeks later after arriving in Montreal, I can remember walking through the house and "a thought" came to my mind. "Hey you said you were going to read your Bible" I said "oh yeah"! I suddenly remembered a bible someone gave me years earlier, which caused me to climbed up into my closet and take it out of a box and begin flipping through it. I thought gee, how do I read this thing? So I began to read at the beginning of the Bible, the first page, in the book of Genesis.

Suddenly on the third page God spoke to my heart -- One of those things that nobody knew -- only God 

It was so profound that it had to be Him - I remember saying out loud "Is that you?" Four months later and after much reading of the Bible - I found myself at a convention in Toronto for my business. Every year for several years my job at the convention was to be the Bartender in the hospitality suite -- In the pasts it was one drink for the customer one for me and so on and so on... For some "strange" reason at that time I had no desire to drink.

It was a Wednesday night and normally the suite was filled with customers, between 20 and 30 people. This was the biggest show of the year for my company -- There was no one there! 

At 7:30pm not a soul was in the room except for one of our distributors. So I told him "hey you hold the fort I'm out of here" I had such an urge to go to my hotel room and read the Gideon Bible. So I did exactly that! I can remember picking up the bible and reading it for a while -- Then this "thought" came to mind- Hey put down the Bible and turn on the TV -You know something? I always listen to that voice in my head and that night was no exception. I put the book down and turned on the TV - I didn't change the channel or anything -- Guess who was on?

That's right Billy Graham!

I listened to what he said and at the end of the broadcast I was left thinking -- gee you have something I don't have -- you have a peace about you! At that point I picked up the phone and called my parents. 

My parents several years earlier had a life changing experience with Jesus. In fact my Dad became a Pastor. I could never talk to my parents, every time I would go there or call, I was afraid I would be preached to, so I just didn't go or call. I couldn't stand religion. 

My Mum answered the phone. I said to her "Hi Mum, I just watched this guy on TV who said that when you give your life to Jesus you should do it in front of a whole bunch of people, do I need to wait to go to a church to do that?" She said "No you can do it right where you are" So I said "OK, see you" and I hung up.

I got down on my knees in that hotel room and asked Jesus to come into my heart and life and to forgive me for all the wrong I did!

He came into my life that day and he forgave me for all my sins!

Praise the Lord!

From someone totally broken -- he has renewed me in all ways and he has made me a new person. In the first six months He took care of the external things that all my friends could see. He took away from me the desire to swear, smoke, drink, take dope and many others things. Since that time He has been working on the internal things the deeply rooted stuff that is not pleasing to Him.

God held firm to his part of my deal, He did reveal himself to me, and I know for certain He exists. God also revealed to me why I am here on planet earth. To tell YOU about Jesus Christ!

The Bible says, "For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son (Jesus), that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life."

Why don't you give your life to Him today, right now!

Just pray this little prayer, (mean it with all your heart) and Jesus will make Himself known to you too.

Lord Jesus,

Please forgive all the wrongs I have done in my life, Come into my heart, make me a new person, and help me live the life you want me to.


If you prayed that prayer tell someone what you did because God's word says "They (You) overcame him (the devil or enemy of your soul) by the blood of the Lamb (Jesus and what he did for you - died on the cross) and by the word of their testimony. (you telling someone like me)

God bless you

Robert Morel