Pistolet de sécurité 500-L avec buse à effet Laval en inox


Silvent 500-L has a stainless steel Laval nozzle. A Laval hole in the center of the nozzle creates a highly concentrated air stream that moves at supersonic speed. Around the Laval hole there are also a number of diverging slots that generate a powerful, quiet and laminar air flow. The combination provides superior cleaning performance and optimal utilization of the compressed air. The surrounding fins prevent direct contact between skin and the outlet holes. The guns are also available with an extended trigger lever, which must be ordered separately. Patented


Remplace un tuyau ouvert:ø5mm(3/16'')
Consommation d'air:25Nm³/h(14.7 scfm)
Niveau sonore:83dB(A)
Force de soufflage:4.2 N(14.2 oz)
Température maxi.:70ºC(158ºF)
Raccord:1/4'' BSP(1/4''-18 NPT)femelle
Matériau buseAcier inoxydable

Répond entièrement aux exigences de limitations sonores de la directive Machines de l’UE et aux normes de sécurité OSHA.


500-L_f.pdf81.69 Ko 500-L