Pistolet de sécurité 2973 avec buse plate

2973 Air Gun

Silvent 2973 is an excellent gun for applications where you need to move away large particles or chips quickly and efficiently. The design of the nozzle makes the air cone dig in and sweep the work surface clean. The gun is fitted with a powerful flat stainless steel nozzle that can cope with most applications. The blowing force is approximately three times that of an ordinary air gun. Despite its power, the sound level and energy consumption are low in relation to the work the gun performs. Patented.


Remplace un tuyau ouvert:ø7mm(9/32'')
Consommation d'air:58Nm³/h(34.2 scfm)
Niveau sonore:86dB(A)
Force de soufflage:9.5 N(33.5 oz)
Température maxi.:70ºC(158ºF)
Raccord:3/8'' BSP(3/8''-18 NPT)femelle
Matériau buse:Acier inoxydable

Répond entièrement aux exigences de limitations sonores de la directive Machines de l’UE et aux normes de sécurité OSHA.


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