Pistolet de sécurité 007 avec buse PEEK protectrice

007-P Air Gun

SILVENT 007-P with its PEEK nozzle prevents unnecessary scratching. The Peek nozzle has been specially developed for sensitive applications where expensive tools and machines absolutely may not be damaged. The nozzle is fitted on a flexible PA 12 pipe that provides additional protection against scratches caused by mechanical impact. Peek is a unique plastic material with properties that meet the rigorous quality and safety requirements of, for example, the aerospace industry. It is extremely impact resistant and is capable of handling aggressive chemical environments, strong cutting fluids and temperatures of up to 260° C (500° F). The nozzle is designed with a central hole that generates a concentrated air stream. At the same time, the sound level is low and air consumption is reduced. The PEEK guns are available with three different extension pipe lengths. Patented.


Remplace un tuyau ouvert:ø4mm(1/8'')
Consommation d'air - position Turbo:14Nm³/h(8.2scfm)
Niveau sonore - position Turbo:79dB(A)
Force de soufflage - position Turbo:2.4N(8.4oz)
Consommation d'air - position Variable:11Nm³/h(6.5scfm)
Niveau sonore - position Variable:75dB(A)
Force de soufflage - position Variable:1.8N(6.4oz)
Température maxi.:70ºC(158ºF)
Raccord:1/4'' BSP(1/4''-18 NPT)femelle
Matériau buse:PEEK

Répond entièrement aux exigences de limitations sonores de la directive Machines de l’UE et aux normes de sécurité OSHA.


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