Buse à dispersion


Silvent’s dispersion nozzle generates a broad and circular air cone pattern. This nozzle has been designed for applications where air must be spread over a greater area at a short blowing distance. The nozzle works best when the blowing distance does not exceed 150 mm (6”). When blowing inside pipe and ducts the inside diameter should be between Ø 25 - 100 mm (1” - 4”). The standard exhaust angle is 45°. However the design of the nozzle permits the angle of the exhaust holes to be modified. Upon request, angles of 90° or 135° can be manufactured. The nozzle provides both low noise level and air consumption. Meets OSHA safety regulations. Patented.


Remplace un tuyau ouvert:ø6mm(1/4'')
Consommation d'air:38Nm³/h(22.4scfm)
Niveau sonore:86dB(A)
Force de soufflage:5.5N(19.4oz)
Température maxi.:400ºC(752ºF)
Raccord:1/4'' BSP(1/4''-18 NPT)femelle
Matériau buseAcier inoxydable

Répond entièrement aux exigences de limitations sonores de la directive Machines de l’UE et aux normes de sécurité OSHA.

Disponible dans

  • L’angle standard de sortie 45°
  • angles de 90°
  • angles de 135°


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