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Air Flow: 1210 Nm3/h 712.2 scfm
Sound Level: 94.3 dB(A)
Connection: 2'' BSP 2''-1 1/2'' NPT
Dimensions: Ø 140x230 (Ø 5.51x9.06'')
Material: Steel, PP

Working principle of the warning indicator

The unique ability these silencers possess, combining high noise suppression with low pressure drop, is accomplished by silencing in three steps.

1. The inherent turbulence of the air entering the silencer is reduced by a fine-meshed grid.

2. The air then continues into a diffusion chamber. The diffuser raises the frequency of the sound and distributes the air stream evenly across the octagonal outer filter. A higher frequency accelerates silencing.

3. The final silencing step takes place in the cell structure of the octagonal filter. Here the velocity of the air is successively reduced, thereby radically lowering the sound level without creating excessive pressure drop.

Oil drainage

Another advantage of the octagonal filter’s cell structure is that possible oil mist in the compressed air system is separated. When air velocity decreases, droplets form. These can then be drained off through the bottom of the silencer.

Warning indicator

The silencer’s warning indicator is set for installation after a regulating valve. When the pressure differential across the silencing filter becomes too great, the red warning indicator pops out, signaling that it is time to change filters. If the silencer is used in a continuous flow application without a regulating valve, the red warning indicator may be visible after initial use. The service interval in continuous flow applications must therefore be determined by monitoring the system.

Silvent’s safety silencers are designed to handle sensitive systems with large flows that require minimal flow restriction. The silencers are compact in size, provide extremely effective noise suppression and feature a built-in warning indicator that immediately shows any increase of backpressure in the system. The unique filter material is divided into numerous "noise traps" or cells and gives extremely good muffling with minimal flow restriction. These safety silencers are also suitable for continuous flow applications and can be used as a central silencer for several pneumatic valves. They have a built-in oil trap where oil can be separated and drained.

The silencers are available in two sizes, 1 inch and 2 inch, and reduce noise levels 40-45 dB(A). They are supplied with a mounting bracket.