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Type BE

Type BE

Type & SizeMax LoadColor CodeDeflection
BE-1160 LbsBlue1,3''
BE-12100 LbsOrange1,3''
BE-13165 LbsBrown1,2''
BE-14260 LbsBlack1,0''
BE-16370 LbsYellow1,0''
BE-17450 LbsRed0,5''
BE-18700 LbsGreen0,5''


■ Air Handling Units

■ Air Conditioners

■ Chillers


■ Pump

■ Heating & Ventilating Units

■ Fans

■ Condensers

Spring-Flex Mountings are available in cast steel or welded steel construction but are also available in light weight cast aluminium housings with electro-plated hardware and springs.

These mountings are furnished with external adjustment bolt and lock nut for use on equipment with centrally located accessible bolt holes.

BE Spring Mount