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Model Number: 225M225 - Dry Paper225M - Oil Wetted225MU / BWM - Silence
Maximum CFM:4000
Base Size:Minimum:10''Maximum Flange: 14'' Maximum MPT: 12''
Height (Less Connection):Type M:28 3/8''Type BWM: 51 1/8''
Diameter:No Hood:22 5/8''With Hood: 32 5/8''
Approx Weight Lbs:Type M: 175Type MU & BWM: 230
Approx Weight Lbs:Add 55 for hoodElement only: 53


Type MU filter silencers provide attenuation in the frequency ranges where noise levels of reciprocating compressors and engines are most objectionable. The BW models with additional acoustical components, were specifically designed for installation to lobe type compressors and centrifugal blowers.

For specific information on attenuation, Sizing refer to the PDF below