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Design Pressure:250 PSIG(17.2 Bar)
Reservoir Capacity:35 oz(1.0 Liter)
Condensate level:Visible
Operated by:Pneumatics
Dimensions (WxDxH): 13'' x 9'' x 8.5''330mm x228 x216
Fluid Temp (Min - Max):35°F - 180°F1°C - 82°C
Inlet Connection:3/4''NPT
Discharge Connection:1/2'' NPT
Weight:17 lbs.7.7 kg
Valve type:Full ported ball

Suitable for unattended draining of compressed air dryers, aftercoolers, receivers and other pressure vessels.

Can be used in explosion-proof environment

A stainless steel float assembly equipped with a magnetic reed switch rises with the fluid level until its upper limit is reached. At this level, the reed switch signals a pneumatic relay which in turn energizes a cylinder to open a ball valve. As the valve opens, the line pressure forces the fluid in the reservoir to exit. As the float lowers with the reservoir fluid level, a lower limit is reached causing the reed switch to signal the cylinder to close off the ball valve allowing NO AIR to escape


* Reliable operation
* Low maintenance
* Pneumatic control
* Translucent reservoir
* High Capacity
* No Electricity required