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Type CE-7

Type CE-7

Type & SizeMax LoadColor CodeDeflection
CE-7-253150 LbsRed1,2''
CE-7-264200 LbsPurple1,2''
CE-7-275250 LbsOrange1,1''
CE-7-286300 LbsGreen1,0''
CE-7-317700 LbsGrey0,8''
CE-7-329100 LbsWhite0,7''
CE-7-3510 500 LbsGold0,7''


■ Air Handling Units

■ Air Conditioners

■ Chillers


■ Pump

■ Heating & Ventilating Units

■ Fans

■ Condensers

Spring-Flex Mountings are available in cast steel or welded steel construction.

These mountings are furnished with external adjustment bolt and lock nut for use on equipment with centrally located accessible bolt holes.