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Style 19

Style 19

Style 19 (2 ply)Blind nuts, 1/4''W01-358-7008
Style 19 (2 ply)Blind nuts, 1/4'', bumperW01-358-7009
Style 19 (2 ply)Blind nuts, 3/4''W01-358-7011
Assembly weight9.8 lbs.
Style 19 (2 ply)Blind nuts, 3/4'', bumperW01-358-7012
Style 19 (2 ply)Countersunk steal bead rings, 1⅝'' bolts, nuts, washersW01-358-7023
Style 19 (2 ply)Rubber bellows onlyW01-358-0134

The static data chart below is also referred to as the load/deflection (L/D) curve for an air spring.


Airstroke™ actuators are used as a short stroke, high force, single acting pneumatic actuator. Its unique capabilities make it ideal for friction free, leak free, flexible force applications.