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Air Compressor:Direct driven, 100% duty cycle, VMAC oil-injected rotary screw
Rated Air Capacity: True 60 CFM @ 100psi (150psi max)
Weight (wet): Approximately 450lbs (204 kg)
Dimensions: 18” (w) x 34.5 (l) x 28” (h) with fuel tank add 4.6” to length
Engine : Kubota diesel D902 3-cylinder, naturally aspirated 3600 rpm Tier 4 final compliant, optional 3200 rpm (MSHA certified) system
Fuel Supply : Optional 7 gallon with fuel gauge and low fuel shut off sensor, Optional fuel priming pump available
Coolers (Engine & Compressor) : Integrated
Throttle Control : 2-speed throttle, responds to air demand
Battery : Internal with integrated jump start/vehicle tie-in point
Intelligent Digital Control System : System will shut down engine when air is not needed, and will automatically restart the engine again when air is required (adjustable time delay)
Cold Climate : Optional 120V, tested to -40C with optional 12V inverter for vehicle tie-in
Warranty : Two years on all major components (engine warranted by Kubota)
Air Receiver Tank (not included) : Minimum 5 gallon (150 psi) required for proper operation

The RAPTAIR60 is, on average, half the weight of its
competitors with an operating weight of 450lbs.

Noise complaints are the number one nuisance complaint
received on a construction site. These can result in schedule
restrictions or even temporary shutdowns on job sites.
The RAPTAIR60 automatically turns itself off, decreasing noise
and controlling emissions.

The RAPTAIR60 air compressor is rated at 83 dB, which is
considered safe. Noise over 85dB causes hearing damage.
An unhealthy OSHA record can be the basis for disallowing your
company to take part in the bid process for many jobs.

At only 4.3 square feet, the RAPTAIR60 is the most
compact, powerful 60 CFM diesel driven compressor
system on the market.

The RAPTAIR60 is Kubota diesel engine-driven, which mitigates
gasoline fires common when using gasoline stand-alone air
compressors. These not only lead to health and safety claims, but can
also result in EPA fines.