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Silvent 511 and 512 are slot nozzles that generate a directed air jet. The nozzles are well suited to all-purpose blowing and blowing in confined spaces. Due to their compact size, these nozzles are frequently used in machines and tools where clearance is limited. Both nozzles fulfill OSHA safety regulations, which stipulate that air pressure may not exceed 210 kPa (30 psi) in direct contact with skin. The nozzles combine the advantages of low noise level and low air consumption with high blowing force. Patented.
Replaces open pipe: 4mm (5/32")  
Air consumption: 19Nm/h (11.2scfm)  
Sound level: 79dB(A)  
Blowing force: 3.2N (11.3oz)  
Max temp.: 70C (158F)  
Weight: 20g (0.044lbs)  
Connection: 1/8" BSP (1/8"-27 NPT) male
Nozzle material: Zinc  
Fully meets the EU Machine Directive's noise limitation requirements and OSHA's safety regulations.
Supply pressure: 500 kPa ( 72 psi ), measured just before the nozzle
Sound level is measured at a distance of i m ( 39.37") from the nozzle,
with the microphone held perpendicular to the direction of the air stream
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