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FR, FR-6, FR-10

FR, FR-6, FR-10

Sizes:1/2'', 3/4'',1’’, 1¼’’, 1½’’ and 2’’
Pressure control - Type FR:0 - 400 psi
Temperature range - Type FR:200 - 600°F*
Pressure control -Type FR-6:200 - 600 psi
Temperature range -Type FR-6:200 - 600°F*
Pressure control - Type FR-10:0 - 250 psi
Temperature range - Type FR-10:450°F*

Note*: Maximum temperature limits depend upon valve construction.

Cash Valve’s Types FR, FR-6 and FR-10 are fully automatic back pressure valves designed to dependably maintain a pre-determined pressure on the inlet regardless of variations in pressure at the outlet. Excess pressure is relieved into a lower pressure line. Performance is virtually unaffected by pressure variations in the return line. FR Series are continuously operating valves which provide accurate, repetitive, pressure control. FR Series valves are intended for use on practically all fluids and gases except steam.